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Citizens across Latin America and the Caribbean want opportunities for themselves and their children – to live in health and safety, pursue education, and achieve their dreams. Unfortunately, most of the countries in the region fall short in creating such environments because of persistent economic inequality, poor government services, and chronic insecurity.

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Democratic institutions face challenges of corruption at every scale, opacity in government processes, poor governance from the local to national level, and often elections that fail to deliver representative government. These challenges express themselves in the daily lives of citizens by disenfranchising youth, women, ethnic minorities, and the LGBTI community. The lack of economic opportunities leads many to leave their homes or work in illicit industries, perpetuating the cycle of insecurity and instability. Endemic corruption reduces community resources and deflates popular support for democracy.  

Despite these challenges, citizens are as active as ever and continue to demand better governance and representation. Social movements are demanding public policies that meet socioeconomic demands through democratic processes. Civil society organizations work across every topic to organize citizens and hold government accountable. Elected officials, government workers, and aspiring candidates are working to become more effective in their jobs, champion transparency and good governance, and be responsive to constituents’ needs and priorities.

For over 35 years IRI has supported democratic actors in the region to address these issues. At the local level, where citizens interact with elected officials first and most frequently, IRI increases municipal governments’ capacity to deliver services efficiently, foster citizen engagement, and promote economic development. IRI works with civil society and marginalized groups to advocate for community interests and concerns.

During elections, IRI works on both ends of the equation –enhancing the transparency of elections through independent election monitoring and technical support to electoral authorities, as well as working with candidates to transition from elections to governance. IRI builds transparency and access to information across the region by working with journalists, media, and civil society to hold government accountable.

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Argentina Election Crowd


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An indigenous woman signs after casting her vote


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IRI WiGov pilot workshop in Bogota, 2019


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Woman voting in Ecuador


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Information booth

El Salvador

The current political context of El Salvador is marked by internal conflict, corruption, and inequality of opportunities. Supporting strong democratic institutions and participatory processes to engage…

An indigenous woman holding a baby casts her vote


Since the Peace Accords in 1996 that ended the country’s civil war, Guatemala has worked to overcome ongoing challenges of…

Guyanese citizens line up to vote


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A man walks past electoral propagand


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CSO Training IRI Panama


After the fall of the Noriega military dictatorship, IRI was one of the first international non-governmental organizations to visit Panama…

Meeting in Peru, 2016


IRI began its work in Peru when democracy was reinstated just after the turn of the century. Since then, the…


For more than a decade, respect for civil liberties and space for political dissent has continued to erode in Venezuela.…

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