Are You Satisfied with Your Technology Alliances?

Steven A. Zoller
Steven A. Zoller

By Steven A. Zoller, project leader for two alliance projects at Procter & Gamble. This throwback article was first published in Research-Technology Management (RTM) in the March-April issue, 1999.

Strategic alliances have become commonplace in business, academia and government. Most people believe alliances are essential in today’s fast-paced, highly complex, and extremely competitive global business environment. However, are you really satisfied with the way your alliances operate and with their output?

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Innovation Engines

By Jim Euchner, RTM Editor-in-Chief and VP, Global Innovation, Goodyear

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

—Steve Jobs

Successful growth companies are powered by effective innovation engines. Each of these has its own logic and its own sources of competitive advantage. P&G, for example, is well known for its Connect + Develop open innovation program. What makes the innovation model successful for P&G, however, is not just open innovation, but its fit with the overall profit engine of the corporation. Continue reading

Seventy-five years ago today…

By Ed Bernstein, President, Industrial Research Institute

SevCelebrate Impact Envision, IRIenty-five years ago today, the National Research Council (NRC) steering committee, led by Maurice Holland, Director, NRC’s Division of Engineering and Industrial Research, formed an association of companies to be called the Industrial Research Institute (IRI). It was the start of something great. Something that would change the industry – and the world that we live in – forever.

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